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Monday, March 17, 2014

Silver Lining Nails (Blue Nails)

Hello hello! I've been away for long. I am starting a new life of being extremely busy and my college also get interesting, got soo many homeworks and everything, I couldn't even have time to do the posting. But I try hard. So here I am again, giving you my latest mani post! The Silver Lining.
It's so coincidence. I made this a few days ago and I just saw that Michelle Phan also has the silver lining video tutorials! I do think it will fit perfectly with the make up.
Here are some pictures of the easy silver lining nails. Its not a tutorial posts and I am just gonna do the review and show you guys my design and hopefully inspire you.
All your need is little tiny brush, blue polish and silver polish. And for the blue I am using the Blue Eyed Soul by Wet 'n Wild Fergie Edition.

What I love from this nail polish is the brush! OMG, one swipe, done! totally looveee it.

Look the picture above. The brush is a bit thin, its not round like other common brushes and I think that shape makes it slide perfectly on your nails. 
Fast forward - So here are my nails! Simple yet pretty. 

Remember, Less is More..
~ Glamoflage
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flappy Bird Nails

Do you play this game? 
This is the latest arcade game on ios or android. This is epic. The game was so hard, I can only get maximum score 5 after hours of playing. Well, I kinda upset and desperate. My cousin installed it on her phone, play it for ten minutes, and deleted it. Me? haha I'm just gonna draw the game on my nails. 

In this post, I am gonna show you guys how I did it. Its very simple. The setting of the game is on the sky. Which, you gonna need blue polish and white for the base. and some green polish to make the pipe. And for the bird. :) imagination. I begin it with small yellow dot. and draw the rest using small brush. 

I use triple coat of sky blue for the base.

Add some clouds using white polish.

Start drawing the pipe and the bird.
Finish it with the outline, and you're DONE!
Hope you guys like it and talking about how many times I lose? Countless. 
~ Glamoflage
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Nails

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year.
Hope everyone had a wonderful NY. Well, I want to show you guys the nails I wore in this new days of horse. I draw the hanzi of horse. 馬 ( mǎ ).  And a symbol of luck in Chinese. 

Fist I draw the hanzi of horse
For the pointing finger I draw a symbol of luck in Chinese.
I paint the rest with red glitter and finish off with gold glitter. And for the thumb, I draw random vector lines. And here are some pics of my nails.

Happy CNY!
#FlashBackFriday the nails below are my last year CNY nails. I didnt have a good camera back then. :D 

gong xi fa cai!
Hope you guys like my nails and Happy Horse New Year!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Owl Nails

Owl goes hoot!
Hey there.. Been weeks since I post my last nail design. I had great time enjoying my holiday also give my nails some time to rest. I need to let my nails breath for a week or two considering that my nail never looked naked. So, Here I am again doing the owl nails. 
Actually the inspiration comes from my assistant. It was cold and I was sitting in my office. I wore the knitted sweater with the Owl on it. Then I asked him what nail design I should make for next post and He answered quickly. Owl!
I was like.. Brilliant! That's great and lets do this.

1. First up is paint your nails plain white.
2. Get your make up sponge to make the ombre looks. Add some green color on the sponge.
3. Dab it onto your nails. Until you get the color that you want. 
4. Its gonna look like greenish ombre nails. so fresh.
It gives you the illusion of green grass.

5. Get your brown polish. Make a circle as the body for the owl.
6. Using toothpick, add the small ears and also the eyes using nail dotting tools. Don't forget to add the triangle for the nose too.
7. Add the wings using black polish on the side of the owl body's.
8. Finish the eyes part. dot a black polish to make the eye popped. (Actually I remake the owl since the first one is ugly, so the picture 8 and 9 is kinda different :p)
9. Give your owl finish look by adding illusion of fur. by dotting some black polish on the body. 
I also add the small feet and a wood branch and connected the branch with the other nails. 
10. For the other nails, I also add some smaller branches with the leaves. Your scenery nail designs is done. Just make sure its all connected.
how cute is that! 

I hope the Owl can made your day during these cold days. Stay Warm.
~ Glamoflage
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lights Nails (New Year's Nails)


Hello #2014 !
In this early year, I want to share you guys my latest nail designs, the lights nails. It simply polka-dots, but all you have to do is add some sparkle, maybe I might also named it disco lights nails. Since I got plenty party invitations lately and it kinda inspires me. 
All you need are some bright polishes and nail dotting tools. Lets go to how I did it.

1. Paint your nails two coat of black polish. I use black lingerie by Revlon
2. Add some random sizes white dots.
3. Add blue polka dots on white polka.
4. Its time for the purple one!
5. Add another pink polka. Use the white one as the base for brighter color since I use black as the base. Just to make the color pop.
6. Add some small white dots.
7. Finish with purple glitter polish. and DONE!

I suddenly remember this design might match the "lights" by ellie goulding. One of my favorite songs. ^^ 
Lookin back to my 2013, I am so grateful for what I achieved so far. and I would like to thank all my fans and followers for being there and support me all the time and to all my awesome friends, I always love you all. I am excited to write blank page of 2014, I wonder what happen next. Stay Glam!

~ Glamoflage

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Nails (Snowman Christmas Nails)

Ho. Ho. Ho.
How's everyone doing? 
Christmas is in few days and I am super excited. I am super busy preparing everything including dressing my nails up. And I am going to show you girls how I made this Christmas design on my friends nails. Its actually my lecture hands. She is super awesome and she has such a pretty nails. She asked me to draw something on her nails and since we're close to christmas, I drew her this. 
Let's see how I made it. Shall we?

1. Paint your nails two coats of red polish.
2. Start to draw a single line for a snowflakes.
3. Make a cross.
4. Add another line on top of the cross, done! Also start making a snowman body using your white polish.
5. Add the snowman head. I am using the nail dotting tools to make all this. 
6. Give a black hat for the snowman. Draw it using nail brushes. I also add some snow.
7. Last but not least. Give a finish touch by adding the eyes and scarf. Use your imagination and everything is gonna be pretty!
Here are some picture of the snowman christmas nails. 

Special Thanks to my teacher, Ezra for being a part of my holiday post.
Happy Christmas and have a great holiday!! XOXO.
~ Glamoflage
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Simply Red and Navy Nails

Still looking for the perfect mani for this Holiday season? Here I present the most simple manicure that can make you look glamorous in this festive season! Simply using red and navy nail polishes. These two colors are very edgy. Navy, give you dark and edgy look but still glam and also red gives your look a statement. Playing with colors is fun, you can just mix and match them but remember the rules. Less is more. Always. Too much is never so good. 
Anyway, lets jump to the how I make this two colors rocks. 

First, pick your perfect navy nail polish color. 
Paint two or three coats of navy nail polish. Make sure the colors pop.
Isn't it pretty!!! I really love this color! *eeekk
Last but not least! add some sprinkle of glitter.
Here I am using red glitter by e.l.f. You can get the shade in e.l.f everyday color nail polish cube set. 
Hope you guys love the color combination as I do.
and a little tips from me.. "Less is more". Sometimes simple things are the prettiest. 
~ Glamoflage
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