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Friday, July 27, 2012


This is my today outfit. yeah, batik. Its printed one. I love the top, I can pair it with mini skirt or leggings. so perfect for casual Friday. but you'll have to be careful when washing them. 

look at that little flower... :)

lovely wedges.. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Leggings.. yea, its not pants but still its cute. so, I was thinking about being bold. so pairing the leggings with the tee. actually its broken white tee from Forever 21. still, playing with my leather jacket. and the pouch is by Paris Hilton. I got that from my lovely cousin. and for the shoes, its a peep toe booties... what I love from this look is everything. haha. yea, everything. its soo black and bold. love it.. :)

yea, its a bit sheer to wear in the daylight, so thats why I decided to wear at night. :)) look how cute the peep toe boot is.. :)

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pretty Dress with Leather Jacket

I dunno why but I like the idea of pairing dress and leather jacket. Pretty pretty... So love it.

Pretty Hat

Love this shoes. So comfy yet stylish. :)
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Beanie and Sweater

In this tropical country, don't be surprised by the rain in the summer. Sometimes it cant be very hot, but sometimes it can be so cold. Just like yesterday. Sudden rain. And turn out to be so cold. Even, my car window were foggy.. pretty hard to drive with that weather last night. Thank God I wore sweater and beanie. That cute flowery beanie. In love with that. Its just so cute with flower accent on top. I forgot where and when I got the sweater and beanie. But I found it in my closet, and I thought it would be nice to wear at that moment. :))

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Converse Nails

I got some request lately from my friends to make this converse shoe nail. And I decided to made it yesterday. Soo.. the result is.. messy.. I really need a better tools. :(
but. hope you guys like it. If you see it from far, it looks nice tho... :)
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Eyes and Lips

Mata.. adalah jendela hati...
Eyes... are the window of the heart...

Soo, talking about eyes, its the picture of my eye. Well, a lot of ppl said that I have a BIG eyes and I have to say Im proud of it. I can play with make ups and the eyeliner, it really pop my eyes. I really like Smokey eyes look. Its bold. make a statement of your eyes. In the picture above, im using Black Revlon Perle Eye Shadow and Brown Eye Shadow by Claresta Cosmetics. Only two colors needed. and for the mascara, Im using one of Oriflame product. Smokey eyes are perfect for my everyday make up.. ;)


and for the lips, Im using Maybelline Fruity Jelly LipGloss. Its small, and easy to use and carry. not so expensive though.. smooch.. <3

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Black and White Photos

Im so addicted to photography lately. Here are some of my self shot using self timer. LOL. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cowboy's Hat

I dunno but I like the hat in this picture. Its just.. totally in love with it. Cowboy's hat. Well, for the guitar capo.... its my DIY Capo! using pencil and rubber bands. :) The hat would be perfect for day out in the summer. well, Ill upload the picture of complete outfit wearing the hat next week. :)


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Blue Dress

It was a beautiful night. so after church, Me and my family had a dinner at The Duck King at Paris van Java. yum. roasted duck. That's one of my fav resto. well, okay, and that's my outfit last night. I wear blue dress I bought from my auntie and yeah, its so plain. So I decided to pair it with brown braided belt.. I tried to pop the blue color. and its perfect for a night out. blue and brown.. yeah.. pretty pretty.. :)
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blazer and Short

Blazer and short is a perfect couple. You can pair semi formal blazer with anything. skirt, trousers, shorts, dress, etc. I was wearing them when I went out with my friends and had a little shop. I got the blazer from store "In Action" at Bandung Trade Centre. Its only IDR 80.000. :) and the bag is from Payless store at Paris Van Java. Start with thinking to wear something different, and the result is they are the perfect match!
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Skinny Girl on Diet?

Okay, who's up for pizza? I can't explain how I love pizza very much. Its one of my favorite fast food. I eat fast food very often and never think about diet. Im type of girl that never ever try "diet". I can eat whatever i want without getting fat. I used to have a pretty good body (I mean, a bit fatty but not so skinny). and this past 2 years, I feel like im so skinny.. a lot of friends of mine said so. So I started to figure out why. Then I think maybe im so stress. Thats why im loosing my weight. And I did nothing. I eat normally, my metabolism are fine, Then, after a few months, I realized that it keep decreasing. I can see my ribs appear on the mirror. That's horrible. Then I started to eat a lot (what I mean "a lot" is A LOT). yeah, that helps, but it takes so long to gain my weight. I take supplement too. well, the result is not so bad. but, I dont get it, why is it so hard to gain my weight.
Then one day I watched America's Next Top Model. And when the judging time, one of the contestants told that she is very skinny until her ribs appear on swimming suit photo shoot. and Ms. Tyra (I adore her!) said that she is one of the girl with high metabolism, and she shouldn't eat junk food. She has to eat like people on diet. Eat veggies, fruits and etc. and im surprised! Me and that girl are alike. We have high metabolism. I can go to the bathroom 3 times in a day. and junk food, my stomach cant proceed them, that's why they call it junk. it need to be thrown away. so, girls with skinny body, BE PROUD! you can still eat what ever you want! but dont forget your veggies and fruit. your body needs them. Don't forget to work out too, so your body is keep in shape.  So keep healthy and glam!

Here are a few pic of me eating pizza with my boyfriend on saturday night. Its domino's (I order pizza called meatzza). so yum. :D

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh Summer

Hit the pool, even just dipping your feet in it. I always love going to the pool. It gives such a fresh feeling. Summer is still around, so who's up for it?

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Monday, July 9, 2012


One word. PINK!
How I love Victoria's Secret Pink. This is one of my favorite T's. Tee and denim mini skirt. simple. I also wear Carlisa Wedged by Crocs. Crocs are so comfy. This look is very simple for a fun walk with friends. :)
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Blue Balinese Sarong

This is my summer getaway with family at Jambuluwuk Resort, Bogor. I wear tankini that I got from my mom. Thanks Mom. And cover up, also my from my mom (duh)... okay. so the cover up is made in Bali and it just like a sarong. so I can simply wrap them in my body. it can be a skirt or a beach dress. Its not so expensive. I got plenty of them in my closet with many designs. I got the idea of wrapping technique from youtube. yeah, you can find anything at youtube. :D  okay, so this Balinese sarong is very comfy and perfect for anything. sometimes i use it as a blanket too. :p
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ready for a Ride?

Saturday night out! with my boyfriend. movie night.. We watched The Amazing Spiderman. I'm wearing leather jacket I bought at Bandung Trade Centre for IDR 190.000. paired with dark brown peep toe boots. Black mini dress and black leather jacket is a perfect match!
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Sunny Day

To be stylish, it doesn't have to be so expensive. I got the sunglasses from Bandung Trade Centre. I bargained the seller. He sells it for IDR 35.000, but he gave me IDR 20.000 for that. :D sooo, the tangerine top. Its Roxy. I bought that with 80% discount. sooo cheap. only IDR 45.000 for Roxy clothing. LOL.
I always pair the bold color with neutral one. so, it wont make you feel like wearing too much color on one outfit.
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Sun Spots in the Tangerine

I got a wedding invitation from a friend. and it was an afternoon wedding. actually I was kinda confuse what to wear. Because the majority of my dress in the closet are night dresses. and the invitation was semi formal. So i decided to wear casual outfit. I choose that tangerine skirt paired with beige top with flowery accent. So it gives more feminine look and perfect for wedding party. and also I wore tangerine pouch by Hermes. And the bracelet, its Disney's! i got it from my lovely cousin soooo manyy years ago when we were kids. She went to Disney World and bought me that. I still keep it and wearing it though. I really love the bracelet, its winnie the pooh and friends. :D ikr, but its cute. :)
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Get Reddy

Well, Hi everyone.. This is my first post. Im posting the look of mine a few weeks ago. I love red. I found this red platform on Paris Van Java Bandung. At Payless. It costs about IDR 250.000. not so expensive but so stylish. Wearing red is simply combining them with neutral or black. I hope youll find this useful if youre going to wear red. Because I know some people are not co confident to wear red. Red is bold and make the statement of your outfit. But its great. So, why not give it a try? Good luck. :D
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