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Monday, July 16, 2012

Eyes and Lips

Mata.. adalah jendela hati...
Eyes... are the window of the heart...

Soo, talking about eyes, its the picture of my eye. Well, a lot of ppl said that I have a BIG eyes and I have to say Im proud of it. I can play with make ups and the eyeliner, it really pop my eyes. I really like Smokey eyes look. Its bold. make a statement of your eyes. In the picture above, im using Black Revlon Perle Eye Shadow and Brown Eye Shadow by Claresta Cosmetics. Only two colors needed. and for the mascara, Im using one of Oriflame product. Smokey eyes are perfect for my everyday make up.. ;)


and for the lips, Im using Maybelline Fruity Jelly LipGloss. Its small, and easy to use and carry. not so expensive though.. smooch.. <3

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