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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skinny Girl on Diet?

Okay, who's up for pizza? I can't explain how I love pizza very much. Its one of my favorite fast food. I eat fast food very often and never think about diet. Im type of girl that never ever try "diet". I can eat whatever i want without getting fat. I used to have a pretty good body (I mean, a bit fatty but not so skinny). and this past 2 years, I feel like im so skinny.. a lot of friends of mine said so. So I started to figure out why. Then I think maybe im so stress. Thats why im loosing my weight. And I did nothing. I eat normally, my metabolism are fine, Then, after a few months, I realized that it keep decreasing. I can see my ribs appear on the mirror. That's horrible. Then I started to eat a lot (what I mean "a lot" is A LOT). yeah, that helps, but it takes so long to gain my weight. I take supplement too. well, the result is not so bad. but, I dont get it, why is it so hard to gain my weight.
Then one day I watched America's Next Top Model. And when the judging time, one of the contestants told that she is very skinny until her ribs appear on swimming suit photo shoot. and Ms. Tyra (I adore her!) said that she is one of the girl with high metabolism, and she shouldn't eat junk food. She has to eat like people on diet. Eat veggies, fruits and etc. and im surprised! Me and that girl are alike. We have high metabolism. I can go to the bathroom 3 times in a day. and junk food, my stomach cant proceed them, that's why they call it junk. it need to be thrown away. so, girls with skinny body, BE PROUD! you can still eat what ever you want! but dont forget your veggies and fruit. your body needs them. Don't forget to work out too, so your body is keep in shape.  So keep healthy and glam!

Here are a few pic of me eating pizza with my boyfriend on saturday night. Its domino's (I order pizza called meatzza). so yum. :D

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