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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Violet Sparkle Nail Polish

wait for it...

Time for glitterrr.. not so much for this time.. but Im trying this cool nail polish just for fun. I might not post tutorial video yet, but I am trying to post the picture about how I did it. Its pretty simple though. (well, It might be chipped, because I am so busy lately and I post this on day 4 since i made it.. :) )
1. Pick any nail polish color you like. But I am so into violet these days, so I picked violet. I choose the Icy Violet by Revlon. But before that, don't forget to apply base coat. 
2. Of course! glitter! Who doesn't like glitter? So, just pour the glitter a lil bit on the wet nail polish. not too much. But if you like it, you can add some more.
When its done, don't forget to apply top coat... wait for it... to dry... and you're good to go!

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