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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Denim Blazer and Shorts (Dreaming of Paris?)

Dreaming Paris?

Love my #OOTD

Hey Guys, So, this is my post about what I wore yesterday for the weekend. My OOTD..  Denim and Shorts! Yay.. Super comfortable yet stylish. Actually, that idea of wearing my denim jacket was just pop in my head.
The combination between white, red and blue, almost Union Jack! :)

So, this look is perfect day out. Totally lovee ittt.
And oh, about the mustache ring. my favorite one. so mustache. :{)

The pictures was taken at Paris van Java. I like to go to that place. Its cozy and cool place to hang out with friends.The atmosphere there is just, great. I went there with my bf yesterday and had a little shopping. as usual. :D
So, don't be afraid of mix and match things in your closet and get a stylish look. 

Wardrobe :
White Tank - Unknown, Non-Branded
Shorts - Colorbox
Denim Blazer - Colours Sport
Shoe - Brash, Payless
Bags / Clutch - ZARA
Ring - Unknown, Non-Branded

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