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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shoe For Sale

Owkay.. so, everyone.. I am trying to sell one of my collection here.. Its Red Pump Shoe by.. my friend. Its handmade. I ordered one for me but, it is too small. So, it wont fit for me.. :(
Well, the shoes is never been used (how can I wear it when the size is too small?) Okay, so the shoes color is chili red, and the heels is about 5 centimeters. The bottom sol is red too.. and the size is 36. If any of you interested of buying this, you can comment on the bottom of my post and I'll reply you soon. and I offer this to all girls in Bandung, Indonesia. So, anyone with small feet size?? <3

<3 it so much.. but youre to small, baby..

see, how nice is that?

the details on the inside..

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