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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Facebook Nails

To all facebook lovers, maybe you should try this. Facebook nail design. Inspired by a site that I open everyday. Well, not so hard. Just paint your nails with the blue shade of facebook. dark blue I think, and do the french with the lighter blue. just to add some colour shade. and simply draw "F" on your ting finger. or maybe middle finger would be okay. :D :D
so, here is the design of my nails.. :)

Thumbs up for the nails? (y)

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cardigans or Coats? (What to Wear to A Museum Trip)

I have been in a very difficult time deciding what to wear to a museum trip. so confused what to wear and ended up with, I've got nothing to wear! 
Well, This was my museum trip last week. I had an assignment from my lecture to visit a museum. its a military museum.. pretty cool in there. but the building was really old and dark when you walk in there. a bit creepy tho. but that was a really nice trip and fun. so, these are a few pictures about what I wore during the museum trip. The weather was pretty cold. after the rain. so, i decided to wear a coat and bring a pouch. which is super comfy and warm too.. Well, this is my first option.. the coat.

you can go with cardigans! 

Chic and simple is the key. :D
Which one you choose? cardigans or coats?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo Shoot : Unik Foto Studio

Sorry for the late post. Ive been so busy this few weeks. My dad a.k.a my boss is having a business trip to another city, so, I have to take care of the things that going on in this office. Mean while im having mid term too. so, Its kinda confusing for me to take care of few things at once. 
Well, before all that business, I had a photoshoot session with one of my friends. He is a photographer and his wife also a photographer. Its Broery Herbianto and Cici Cahyati Santi. They own a photo studio and they rent it sometime. So,  I had a chance to be their model. and here are the result. I was so happy, so much fun doing it. Cant wait for another photo session with them again.. :D


I am wearing the open back dress. 

I really love this picture.. <3


And finally, I like this one. this is super cute. LOL.. walking with Ted!!

You can visit their page here
XoXo.. <3

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Friday, October 5, 2012

This Week Favorite

So, guys this is my past week favorite. All my favorite stuff that i found this week.  This post begins with,  me taking the unimportant photograph. and then i was thinking about making this post every week.. And.. This Week favorite are...

Okay, so much stuff in this picture. I had a crazy shopping spree this week. And that was the result. I love my new matte nail polish, aroma therapy candle, toner, moisturizer, hand cream, and body butter. All time favorite.. Body Shop. :)
And my favorite book! Style by Lauren Conrad. Thanks to my hubby for buying it.. XOXO

This is my favorite photograph. I don't know why, but its just cute to look at those little flower there.. 

This is my new favorite dark nude pump shoes by Bellagio.. Totally loveee itt.. <3

And Finally, Favorite High Five!! with dobie the dog.. :D

So, Whats your favorite??

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sorry for late nail post.. Ive been sick lately and have to go to the hospital and had a check up with the doctor. I dont have much time to do my nails. So, this is my this week nails..
Everyone is crazy about it and I saw the post by Cutepolish yesterday and I flipped. So I try this nail polish design. So, turns out really great, love it, and I got lots of compliments from my friends. and Here are a few pictures of my week nails. Hope you guys like it, and try it.. :)

If you guys want to try this design, just watch the video below.. :) Good luck. xD


Hey sexy lady.. oppa Gangnam Style..


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The Black and The Nude

Hey guys, so this is is my #ootd for the last sunday. I wore the ruffle skirt and black top. I really love the look. Oh and by the way, I wens shopping and the result is I brought home another baby, The Nude Pump Shoes that I bought on Paris van Java. I love the shoes because theres somekind of snakeskin pattern on the bottom and comfortable to use. I bought that in a store called Bellagio. of course with the discount. :)
So, here are a few pictures of my latest look. and keep posted about my latest post. because there's more coming. :D

Thanks to my sister for taking the pic.. XD

Wardrobe :
Black sweater top - Unknown, Non Branded
Ruffle Skirt - Unknown, Non Branded
Nude Pump Shoes - Bellagio
Rings - Stroberi's Accessories
Watch - Swatch, Swiss

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