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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cardigans or Coats? (What to Wear to A Museum Trip)

I have been in a very difficult time deciding what to wear to a museum trip. so confused what to wear and ended up with, I've got nothing to wear! 
Well, This was my museum trip last week. I had an assignment from my lecture to visit a museum. its a military museum.. pretty cool in there. but the building was really old and dark when you walk in there. a bit creepy tho. but that was a really nice trip and fun. so, these are a few pictures about what I wore during the museum trip. The weather was pretty cold. after the rain. so, i decided to wear a coat and bring a pouch. which is super comfy and warm too.. Well, this is my first option.. the coat.

you can go with cardigans! 

Chic and simple is the key. :D
Which one you choose? cardigans or coats?

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