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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo Shoot : Unik Foto Studio

Sorry for the late post. Ive been so busy this few weeks. My dad a.k.a my boss is having a business trip to another city, so, I have to take care of the things that going on in this office. Mean while im having mid term too. so, Its kinda confusing for me to take care of few things at once. 
Well, before all that business, I had a photoshoot session with one of my friends. He is a photographer and his wife also a photographer. Its Broery Herbianto and Cici Cahyati Santi. They own a photo studio and they rent it sometime. So,  I had a chance to be their model. and here are the result. I was so happy, so much fun doing it. Cant wait for another photo session with them again.. :D


I am wearing the open back dress. 

I really love this picture.. <3


And finally, I like this one. this is super cute. LOL.. walking with Ted!!

You can visit their page here
XoXo.. <3

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