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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Candy Cane Nails

Christmas is coming!

Candy Cane

Okay, who's excited for christmas? Everyone in this world are preparing for the christmas that will coming in a week! yay! its beginning to look a lot like matter everywhere you go.. you can see christmas tree everywhere and of course glitter!! well, candy cane has inspired me to do the candy cane nails. its super fun! playing with tape. lol.. yes. tape. first i paint my nails red. just plain red. and put some tape across the nails and simply paint the part that uncover by the tape. super easy. so its worth a try.. :D cant wait till christmas coming. happy holiday!!


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Monday, December 3, 2012

Snake Print

Christmas is coming so ive been busy preparing it by shopping. :D so, i found some great clothes that i can wear during december. and i was thinking to show off some snake skin in this rainy season. I really like this pattern. because i feel sexy in animal print. so.. i paired the snakeskin tank with the nude pants. actually its skinny but i make it like cropped pants and of course the nude heels.. there's a snake pattern too on the heels of my nude pump. well, its a great look over all for the weekend.. :)

<3 stone necklace.

My star ring with the LV

it looks like.. my mom in the back.. lol.

Have a great December..
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