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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bumble Bee Nails


Bumble Bee Nails!
omg omg.. i really looove it. I think the bee is just too cute.. I got no idea about the next design, but then I remember that I wanted to make this design like long ago. So, I tried and nailed it!
Happy Weekend! 
XoXo.. <3

I don't know why the pics are upside down... :|

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrabble LOVE Nails / Valentine's Day Nails

What date is it? oh its february 14th!  :) so, here's my today's nails. L.O.V.E word from scrabble. :) you're gonna need only 3 colours of nail polish. pink, white and black. really simple nail art for v-day. so, maybe what you guys wanna do today? me and my bf got a plan to just cuddle and have a movie night at the house. and im so excited.. I wish everyone had a great day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lovely Love Nails / Valentine Nails

Valentine's Day is within a month.. I can feel that love is in the air already.. well, if you need some ideas for that day, maybe you can try this nail design. its all painted.. :D xoxo...

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Love Bow Nails

The lovely love bow nails by me.. <3 <3

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Vintage Flower Nails

This is probably one of my favorite design.. Vintage flower nails. Two words, feminin and lovely. <3
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Black and Silver Nails

Just simply black and silver. <3
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Sequins Nails

Sequins is a really awsome fabric. its glitzy and glittering. I love wearing them, makes me feel shine.. so, maybe you need it to glam up your nails by doing this sequins nails. Just need some tape to make the line and laser cross.. really love it.. xoxo.. 

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Studded Nails

This year, studded and spike is becoming a fashion trend. so, why not to get along with the trend? glue some gems to your nails and youre set. xoxo..

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New Year's Nails

Black and Gold.. Very easy nail arts to welcoming the new year.. :D partay!

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