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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Black Shatter Nail Polish / Crackle Nail Polish

Hi guys, so today I'm going to talk about shatter or crackle nail polish. I bought some like 2 years ago by OPI. but it dries and I'm kinda sad that all I can do is throw them away. I don't know what happen, maybe they are just expired or too long sitting in my nail polish box. Anyway, I just bought another one, The  Very Me Nail Graffiti with a black shade by Oriflame Cosmetics. and I did the research recently about how it works and how it looks when its dry. 
So, I'm using 3 light colors nail polish for the base. Because if you are going to wear the dark color for the coat, you need to make the color contrast, that's why you have to choose light color as the base. Then the crack pattern will pop. 

Products I used : left to right (Revlon Ocean Breeze, small OPI soft pink, unknown silver color, and Very Me in Black) 

I draw three straight lines on my nails. Easy breezy. Just calm down, and wipe the brush gently to make straight lines. No tools required for this. Actually you can just use one light color, but you know, it's just too mainstream. lol. So, I like to do something different. It's kinda give your nails 3D look though.. 

One thing you need to know before using this shatter product is that, this is only works if you only wear one coat. Do not over do it. Because if you do, it will just ruin the final looks. One coat at every nails and be quick! Do not double dip when you do on one nail. Make sure the nail polish stick enough on the brush for one nail, one application at a time. If you remember all that, I'm sure you're gonna nailed it. 

That's just a little bit messy, its okay, we'll clean it up later. :)

So, when I finished apply the shatter coat, I came up with one question. Should I apply another clear coat on? Okay. Then I was like.... why don't you just try it? A little experiment on your nails wont hurt.. Well, then this is the result. 

See! There is a huge different between the one with clear coat on and the one that don't. But well, its up to you then, if you like dove one, you shouldn't put the coat on. But, I prefer give my nails clear top coat. First, the clear top coat will make you design last and second, the crack on your nails will pop more and you know, catch the attention from people that see your nails.. :D

Here's my final look...

Good luck ! 

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