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Monday, April 29, 2013

Chanel Nails

Im sooo excited about this post. My latest obsession is Chanel. I was looking for Chanel flap bag and finally my mom bought me one in red. wohooo! okay, so because my hardcore obsession about that Chanel flap bag, then I had an idea to make Chanel Nails. Well, you know, I really like to make simple things, so I was just using black and white polish to nailed it. For the white I'm using Beautistyle Nail Polish in white. I don't know where to buy online, but its available on some department store here in Indonesia. And for the black, I'm using Black Lingerie by Revlon

Black and White is not that boring though...

Simply french and blocking color. Actually, I was going to make the sewing pattern from the bag itself, but I think it turns out to be like that.. Well, its not that easy.. small stripe and make a diamond pattern that crossing your black french.. I am not that pro. :)

So, it turns out to be like this... 

I leave my ring finger with black polish so I can draw the C's on it. If you want, you can draw all your nails same like your ring finger. Its all up to you because drawing on nails is fun! I think making C's is not that hard.. I have the examples picture. But maybe, this is where the ideas comes from. :D

And here we go.. The final look of my nails... and don't forget your Top Coat.

Yeah, that's the bag that my mom bought for me <3

hmm. I guess the final look is not that bad.

I really love the smell of Chanel No. 5!

Have fun on trying it! 
XoXo <3

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