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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cartoon Nails

Loves cartoon? everyone does. We spent our childhood watching cartoons and maybe still watching them now. My favorite Cartoon is Gumball. hmm.. gumbal... Well, maybe I will add it to my "what to paint next" list. Okay, so, my current nails is cartoon nails! Inspired by animated picture. My bf is a huge fans of cartoons. He likes adventure times a looot. Check out my adventure time nails. :)
But the inspiration is coming from cutepolish! My favorite nail artist on youtube. you can check out her channel and watch the tutorial.
And this is the result of what I made.

not so neat but at least I nailed it! yay!
This is very easy to try and I only use nail dotting tools and a small nail art brush. Just a little imagination and Im sure you can create it.
Please post on the comment below if you have requests about what nail design that I should do next. Thank you! XoXo <3

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