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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Choosing the Best Nail Shape

When it comes to "my manicure" time, I always wonder, should I change my nail shapes? or re-shaping it? or totally just cut it off. Sometimes long nails is easier to be broken. So many questions I ask to myself before start to do the manicure or paint my nails. 
Our nails are our best visiting card, therefore we must maintain them healthy and beautiful. However, it is not just the nail polish we use that makes the difference, but the shape of our nails too.
The other things is that I usually match my nails shape with the design that I am going to make. So its kind of confusing tho. But I rarely change my nails shape and it usually lasts for a long time until I get bored and change the shape again. Maybe just lil bit of re-shaping every week before I paint my nails again.
Long or short doesn't really matter, the thing is that we focus on the shape. Because if you have short nails, it will grow longer and the shape will remain the same. And I did some research and I came up with so many shapes that actually we can make and its still pretty and match any kind of nails design. 
So, I am gonna show you some nail shape trends that you can try. Hopefully you can discover the special nail shape that flatters you and makes you feel better. Forget about who wears it, just choose whats best for you. My current nails is square (as you can see on my latest post Houndstooth Nails) and before the square I tried the mountain shape -the pointy one- but it seems failed and turned out to be almond shape. 
Basically, there are four main types of nail shape, round, square, oval and pointed. Therefore, square nails look great on narrow, long fingers, while pointed nails flatter smaller hands and fingers. If you have short nails, opt for a round shape, while oval is universally flattering, but it mostly flatters wide, short fingers. If your nails have different shapes, square is the best. There is also another shape called squoval that works on short, wide fingers or big, long fingers. You should follow the natural line of your nails and keep them rather short, without edges if your hands and fingers are wider.
So, here is the pictures that I got from about nail shape. Please try and comment bellow what nail shape that you have now and what will you try later. Thank You.

XoXo <3

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