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Friday, May 3, 2013

Houndstooth Nails

Yes! Its Houndstooth Nails. Inspired by houndstooth pattern. And everyone is crazy about it. 
According to the wikipediaHoundstooth, hounds tooth check or hound's tooth (and similar spellings), also known as dogstooth, dogtooth or dog's tooth, is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used. A smaller scale version of the pattern can be referred to as puppytooth. (aww too cute..) Long time ago houndstooth was originally made on woven wool cloth and used by Scottish and they called it "The costume of Scotland"
Back in 1980's, designers like Chanel picked up houndstooth and put their own stamp on the fabric. Also other designers like Emporio Armani, Lous Vuitton and Moschino, they are all started using houndstooth too, which has subsequently made it to the shelves of non-haute stores. And now, not only famous designer use this pattern. You can find this in many stores like Topshop or Forever21. And why don't we make one based on nail polish. :p

I'm not that obsessed with this fashion trend, but I just think that it's gonna be cool if I make this as my nail design. :D lol okay, so in this post, I'm gonna show you how I did it and I hope you guys can try it too at home. I am sure that your friends is gonna freak out when they seeing your nails wearing this swag design.
And I am using Beautistyle and Revlon products. Same colors just like my last nail design, Chanel Nails.

Jump into the How I did it. 
First thing first..

Paint your nails white.

Add some stripes. I suggest not too much stripes. Just 2 or 3 lines for each nails.

Draw another white stripes accross the black one.

Draw small tooth on each black square.

And finally, finish it with small line in every square. just two small diagonal stripes each.

TA DA....!
Good luck and try to be neat. Be patient and have fun!

XoXo <3

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