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Monday, May 20, 2013

Ice Cream Nails (Strawberry with Melted Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles)

What a yummy title. well, thats because I paint my nails pink and make it looks like ice cream with melted chocolate frosting. Its almost summer and everyday weather turned to be so hot sometimes but still raining. Do you know what is best for a hot day? Ice cream! yay.. I like to buy some ice cream and stock it in my fridge so I can eat it anytime, but one thing for sure sometimes my ice cream disappear. I know why, because my dad and my sister likes ice cream too. lol
So, what you need for this design is a nail dotting tool. You dont have to be neat because when its messy, its still looks okay.

First, you want to paint your nails pink. Just choose any kind of pink you want, even you can choose another color like blue pastels or whatever you desire according to your favorite flavor. so, when you're done, just add some dots on the middle area (nail plate) and drag it to the free edge of your nails. and do that again in random sizes. Last, if you desire you can add some sprinkle with different color like white, yellow and green. And that's it. Your ice cream nails is ready and don't forget your top coat. :)

oh so yum.. 

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