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Monday, June 17, 2013

Minty Gradient Polka-Dot Nails

Good day everyone! In this post, I am going to show you the step by step of making gradient nails. The ombre technique by using a makeup sponge. I'm using the light blue nail polish from unknown brand (found it on the nail store but has pretty color). This is probably the easiest technique yet pretty. The trick is to damp your excess nail polish on to the paper, so the application is thinner and you can control how thick the color is gonna be. Lets just go straight to the step by step pictures, shall we?

dots dots..
At first, the look will be like this! I loooovee it even before I draw the dots. The design is very perfect for summer season. Its cool and pretty. And actually you can use any color you like to make the gradation, just imagine, try it and have fun! Be creative, that's the fun part. If you want, you can stop here or you can go for dots to get cuter look and a lil bit vintage look. 

Its already perfect if you stop here :)

Last but not least.. Polka-dots! yay, its fun and easy.. using white nail polish and nail dotting tools, just easily draw some dots on it, and it will turns out really nice.. and cute.. and vintage.. :p
whoops, some messy nail polish. dont forget to clean up and add top coat.. :)


p.s : feel free to grab my pictures but please give me credits about the blog. Thanks.. xo 
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nail Haul and Review : Nail Polish Remover

What a girl do when they go to a mall? shopping. of course. So, I went to Jakarta last Sunday with my family. A few days ago before the trip I realized that I run out of nail polish remover. So I thought its a perfect time to buy another one while I'm in Jakarta. I went to the Pondok Indah Mall 2, and did some sightseeing with my family and finally I saw Watsons! yay! (In Indonesia you can find watsons in Jakarta, I guess they really need to open a store in Bandung) I visited the store and directly goes to the sally hansen's section. I was looking for the nail stripes too but they said that the stock is out and they don't know when they'll be restocking again. owkayyy, so I grab a bottle of nail polish remover. And the price is about Rp 48.000 and I choose the extra strength one. Because unfortunately the other remover, the moisturizing one is not pretty strong for me. I need to rub my nails pretty hard and need more amount of remover liquid to get rid of the polish fast. I tried the extra strength yesterday and it turns out great! I love it, even its so fast to remove the glitter nail polish. Thank God. This is what I need. 
Well, I'll show you the picture of the remover. Im using the Sally Hansen Extra Strength Polish Remover now (on the left), the amount of the remover is pretty much I think. It takes me like a year or so to re-buying it again. The good thing about Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover is that it wont make your nails broken like other nail remover, sometimes other remover contains strong acetone and it will breaks your nails. chipped and looking so bad. This is a healthy one and most importantly, my nails never chipped or broken since I'm using this product. Also it smells so good. 
Actually I bought some other stuff at Watsons but, I guess this one has something to do with nails and I hope the review can help you guys deciding which nail remover that best for you.


p.s : in this post i don't get paid by any company, this is just a review of products I used. :)
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink and Gold

Its been a while since my last post. well, because I spent a week in the hospital due to the dengue fever that I had last week. I had high fever, throwing up so many times and it was really worst and I need to stay in the hospital for a week. 
This is so not cool. I cant do anything in the hospital. The nurse wont let me do my nails. :(
Anyway, here I am! fully recovered and sending love to you through this post!
And my this week nails is gonna be... the pink and gold. well, this is very simple design. Well, perfect for you busy people. because I've been busy too! after sick I need to face the finals.. duh thug life.
okay so here's some picture of my nails. I'm using Lancome nail varnish in groovy. Its really cute because its small packaging. I guess this is a very old nail polish. But it still works great. love it. 

Lancome Nail Varnish in Groovy
Dash of Gold
I add some dash of Gold on my moon of the nails. Just paint in randomly and no need to be neat. Also I painted my ring finger with gold sand color. I loove it because it has matte finish look. Easy breezy right?!

 Have a nice day! 

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