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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink and Gold

Its been a while since my last post. well, because I spent a week in the hospital due to the dengue fever that I had last week. I had high fever, throwing up so many times and it was really worst and I need to stay in the hospital for a week. 
This is so not cool. I cant do anything in the hospital. The nurse wont let me do my nails. :(
Anyway, here I am! fully recovered and sending love to you through this post!
And my this week nails is gonna be... the pink and gold. well, this is very simple design. Well, perfect for you busy people. because I've been busy too! after sick I need to face the finals.. duh thug life.
okay so here's some picture of my nails. I'm using Lancome nail varnish in groovy. Its really cute because its small packaging. I guess this is a very old nail polish. But it still works great. love it. 

Lancome Nail Varnish in Groovy
Dash of Gold
I add some dash of Gold on my moon of the nails. Just paint in randomly and no need to be neat. Also I painted my ring finger with gold sand color. I loove it because it has matte finish look. Easy breezy right?!

 Have a nice day! 

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