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Monday, July 29, 2013

Green Mermaid Nails (French Glitter Manicure)

Okay I am running out of ideas and I was busy lately since so many occasion and meetings and works to do. Anyway, my this week mani inspired by mermaid. I was daydreaming about mermaid and when I saw my nail polish boxes, then I came up with this. It super easy nail arts. Its just a french with glitter.
Well girls talking about glitter. I love any kind of glitter. The chunky one nor the soft one. They're both great and also give an instant glam to your nails without putting too much effort when it comes to your manicure time. 


According to my experience, I jump into conclusion... French mani is a best solution for a quick, simple and glam up your nail within seconds. 


For this mani, I am using Revlon Nail Polish in Ocean Breeze. The bottle said that it is fragrant, and it is. It has floral smell and not so bad tho. Doesn't make you dizzy at all. And for the glitter I'm using tosca glitter nail polish from unknown brand but the bottle was cute. :D 
So, is it mermaid enough? I guess so, since the color was sea color and it looks so fresh. 
Happy manicure..!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Matte Polish and Black Crackle Polish

Matte polish is a 2k13 trend. And I bought so many colors of them. And I really like this matte polish because it gives you different textures on your nails. It also looking so pretty if you combine it with shiny polish. Yea, since I am obsessed with this stuff, so I decided to make this black-silver design. Its very simple though.
I also add some silver polish on the bottom of my nails. The color is silver-foil. And for my ring finger, I paint them with crackle polish. And do you want to know how I get my crackle done? Usually I just swipe them straightly on based polish. But this one, I swirl the brush while application. It gives you another look, unlike the usual crackle that look like wood crack. 
So, here's some pics of my done nails. :D

So edgy, right?
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Matte Polish

Good day, matte!
I'm gonna show you my this week mani. Its all about red because I am feelin fab lately.. (duh..) 
Anyway, red is my favorite color since I don't know when. But I think red is bold, make a brave statement about yourself and I also obsessed with red lips lately. :*
Okay so, I just got this red matte polish from some online shop on instagram. And it was pretty cheap so I also bought some other colors, but I am gonna do the review later in another post. :D 
Basically, I simply paint my nails red with red matte polish and do some french stripe using usual red polish, the glossy one. And that is it.. Simply red. I like the differences between those two colors.
Here are some pics of my red mani. 

My current favorite: Red Chanel vintage flapback  pluggy. <3

Are you feelin red too?
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Minions Nails (Despicable Me 2)

poulet tikka masala, et pis c'est tout

Its blockbuster season. And Despicable Me 2 is one of my favorite movie. Its super funny, totally hilarious and the minions is #CRAY! okay so, I got plenty of request about drawing minions on my nails, So here we go.. The minions nails! Well, I'll show you guys about how I did it, but I'm sorry about the lighting. Cause I was doing it in my room, while some others lamp were broken and my dad hasn't replace them yet. So, its a bit dark, but I'm using flash from my cam and I hope it's pretty good. :)
Anyway, you're gonna need some nail colors. specially yellow and blue! I'm using the yellow one from Faceshop, blue (the unknown brand), white and base coat are from Beautistyle and black lingerie from Revlon. Yeah, lets rock.

Below is the picture step by step and I hope you can follow them, Its very simple actually, but yeah, neat is the key. Try not to shaking while doing it, and if you can enjoy it and imagine it a little bit, I'm sure ya'll gonna nailed it.

Paint yellow after base coat then give a french stripe using blue polish. 

Just imagine about how minions looks like. :D
when you're done, add some small black stripe on the upper nails part and give some dots for the eyeglasses frame using grey polish. I don't have grey polish, so I tried to mix the white and black polish. Just like old times when I was at school, Mixing colors! Its fun. Okay, so for the eyes, give white dots using nail dotting tools, then finally, the lips and eyeball using black polish. Just a small dot, and try to be neat on drawing the lips. 
For the others minions, just use your imagination. If you're too lazy to draw all your nails with minions, just do some french and stripes for the other four nails. I hope you can do it too! and feel free to share it on my facebook page.
How cool is that to walk to the cinema and showing your nails when you're buying ticket to watch Despicable Me 2. So #cray and #swag. ;)


No, no, no. Pa POY. Pa POY!

Have Fun!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Summer Nails


I was away for a little while for a vacation with some friends and my sissy. Cause I am so busy lately and I think I needed a break so yeah! I went to the beach. I visit the pari island. It's located in thousand island north west java. Its really beautiful there, but sadly I saw many trash like floating around on the sea during the trip on the ferry. Indonesian ppl and of course the government should take care about all the trash. I feel sad about that because the view was just too beautiful to contaminated by trash! But thank God the pari island is not that bad. Unfortunately the beach is clean. Well maybe because pari island is pretty far from Jakarta. And I really enjoy staying there. I also went for snorkeling and sunbathing (of course).
Anyway, of course I did my nails before I went there. So I decided to draw beach view on my nails. Just remember the ombre technique to make the gradient of the blue sky and blue ocean. as you can see on my previous post. or here's the step by step pic.

1. Paint your nails white as the base.
2. Grab a makeup sponge and put some nail polish on it. I am using the light blue, dark blue and nude colour.
3. Damp the sponge onto your nails.
4. Lastly I add a layer of gold sand nail polish on nude area. 

I also draw some coconut tree and seagulls on it using small brush. And for the sand I'm using the gold sand nail polish. When its dry its gonna feel like sand. which I loove that.
And here are some pics of my nails. 

awe how cute is that starfish? adorbs..

 And for my toe nails, I simply paint them with PINK! well, just to match my bikinis. :)  

Well, that's my summer vacation nails and how about you guys? How do you spend your summer? Hope everyone have a great holiday. Happy summer! XO

p.s : feel free to grab my pictures but please give me credits about the blog. Thanks.. xo

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