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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Summer Nails


I was away for a little while for a vacation with some friends and my sissy. Cause I am so busy lately and I think I needed a break so yeah! I went to the beach. I visit the pari island. It's located in thousand island north west java. Its really beautiful there, but sadly I saw many trash like floating around on the sea during the trip on the ferry. Indonesian ppl and of course the government should take care about all the trash. I feel sad about that because the view was just too beautiful to contaminated by trash! But thank God the pari island is not that bad. Unfortunately the beach is clean. Well maybe because pari island is pretty far from Jakarta. And I really enjoy staying there. I also went for snorkeling and sunbathing (of course).
Anyway, of course I did my nails before I went there. So I decided to draw beach view on my nails. Just remember the ombre technique to make the gradient of the blue sky and blue ocean. as you can see on my previous post. or here's the step by step pic.

1. Paint your nails white as the base.
2. Grab a makeup sponge and put some nail polish on it. I am using the light blue, dark blue and nude colour.
3. Damp the sponge onto your nails.
4. Lastly I add a layer of gold sand nail polish on nude area. 

I also draw some coconut tree and seagulls on it using small brush. And for the sand I'm using the gold sand nail polish. When its dry its gonna feel like sand. which I loove that.
And here are some pics of my nails. 

awe how cute is that starfish? adorbs..

 And for my toe nails, I simply paint them with PINK! well, just to match my bikinis. :)  

Well, that's my summer vacation nails and how about you guys? How do you spend your summer? Hope everyone have a great holiday. Happy summer! XO

p.s : feel free to grab my pictures but please give me credits about the blog. Thanks.. xo

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