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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Matte Polish and Black Crackle Polish

Matte polish is a 2k13 trend. And I bought so many colors of them. And I really like this matte polish because it gives you different textures on your nails. It also looking so pretty if you combine it with shiny polish. Yea, since I am obsessed with this stuff, so I decided to make this black-silver design. Its very simple though.
I also add some silver polish on the bottom of my nails. The color is silver-foil. And for my ring finger, I paint them with crackle polish. And do you want to know how I get my crackle done? Usually I just swipe them straightly on based polish. But this one, I swirl the brush while application. It gives you another look, unlike the usual crackle that look like wood crack. 
So, here's some pics of my done nails. :D

So edgy, right?

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