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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Matte Polish

Good day, matte!
I'm gonna show you my this week mani. Its all about red because I am feelin fab lately.. (duh..) 
Anyway, red is my favorite color since I don't know when. But I think red is bold, make a brave statement about yourself and I also obsessed with red lips lately. :*
Okay so, I just got this red matte polish from some online shop on instagram. And it was pretty cheap so I also bought some other colors, but I am gonna do the review later in another post. :D 
Basically, I simply paint my nails red with red matte polish and do some french stripe using usual red polish, the glossy one. And that is it.. Simply red. I like the differences between those two colors.
Here are some pics of my red mani. 

My current favorite: Red Chanel vintage flapback  pluggy. <3

Are you feelin red too?

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