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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage Flowers Print Nails

Hellooo everyone, It has been a rough month for me. I was so busy. And also this is the beginning of new semester for me. So many homework and stuff to do. Well anyway, I am here again to show you guys my latest nail design. It was inspired by vintage flowers print. I am so sorry I cant show you guys how I did it, but maybe this can inspire you and give you the ideas about what nail design should you have today.. :) 
For the green, I am using the latest nail polish I have. Its number 42 (if im not mistaken) by studio color. I really love this color. Its very calm and very vintage..
Hope you guys like it.. <3

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Pink Leopard Nails with Rhinestones (Pink Monochrome Nails)

It's August and I am so happy because my cousin from Denmark is coming to visit me. Surprisingly she bought me an O.P.I nail polish when she came! I am so excited. Thank you gurl! <3
About my cousin, She is a Youtube artist and she likes to re-make music videos. She is the only one Dixiestarlet or Diva Saskia! Visit her youtube here and dont forget to subscribe. Also you can follow her twitter @YourGirlDiva or her instagram @yourgirldiva. Her work is amazing and she is also a friend of Austin Mahone. (p.s : I am so jelly!)
Anyway, here is the nail polish she bought me. 


It is PINK! I know right, cause you can never go wrong with pink. So, what can I do with this pink nail polish? Here is the result. 
I want to make a pink monochrome nails. So maybe I will combine two different things. I decided to paint a leopard prints on it. Below I show you the step by step picture. 

For the leopard, I use three colors of nail polish. Just to add the dimention.
Left : OPI nail polish in Pink
Middle : Oriflame nail lacquer in hot pink
Right : Revlon nail vernis in Black Lingerie
and for the other nails, I simply put a rhinestone on the nails. Two different things but its so matchy-matchy. 

Look at that pretty pink rhinestones! <3
Well, you just need to stick the pink rhinestones on the edge of your nails with a clear polish and don't forget to seal it off with top coat so it stays longer. And here are my well done nails. 

oh so pretty...
Pretty easy, right? Hope you guys like my almost monochrome pink leopard with rhinestones nails. Happy holiday!

Biggest hugs and thanks to :Divá Saskia

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