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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toy Story (Alien) Nails

Hey Everyone!
This is my latest nail design. This is too cute to resist. Well, sadly I forgot to take picture about how I did it. :( So I just took picture of my done nails. This is my recreation of cutepolish design and I hope you like it. :)


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blue and Yellow Leopard with a Little Blue Stone

Hi Everyone! I am here again to show you guys my latest nail design. I don't know why but I am kinda obsessed with leopard print lately. So if you wanna know how I made it, keep reading.. ^^
So, I choose blue and yellow. Maybe its kinda opposite color, but sometimes color crash is pretty. You're gonna need yellow polish, white polish, light blue polish, dark blue polish and black polish.
First up, paint your pinky and point fingernails with yellow. Double coat is necessary if you want the color to pop. And also the other nails with plain white polish.

First step. But, don't forget base coat before you do this. :)
Second, you will need the blue rhinestones. 

Like the one I got here. 
and stick them onto your yellow nails using clear polish and give a top coat when its dry.

For the leopard, you're gonna need a sponge cause I did some ombre technique. Check out this post to know more about making ombre nails using sponge.

And add some polka-dots on your blue-ish ombre nails using white nail polish. To start your leopard nails.
Finally, write some C's on your white polka-dots. 
Just be patient and try to be neat. Check out my post about step by step drawing the leopard nails.

and TA-DA! Your nails done!

Have fun!
Don't forget to share your nail design here.
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