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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frankenstein and Spider Web Nails (Halloween Nails)

Sup girls! Here I am gonna show you another Halloween Nails design that I made on my friend's nails. It was really fun! Its super cute tho. Frankenstein is one of the horror story character from a novel.
Countdown to Halloween, if you guys still think about what should you wear for the Halloween Party, here it is! First, I am gonna show you the step of making the frankenstein nails.

First, paint your nails green. 
Second, grab your paint brush, and draw hair in the edge of the nails with black.. 
Then, use your dotting tools to make the eyes. Use white polish.
The white of the eye is done. 
Then add black spot to make the eyeball.
Add the straight lips of Frankenstein using black polish.
Then, draw lines vertically to make the stitches effect. 
Your Frankenstein Nails is done! 
Don't forget to add some wound stitches on the Frankenstein face. You can paint all your nails with that green monsters, or you can add another design on different fingers. Like maybe the spider web. And below is the step by step pictures of making the spider web.

               1                                                  2                                                   3                
Here are the final design that I made on my friend's nails. Hope you guys like it.

Happy Halloween!

~ Glamoflage 

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