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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Red Flower Nails

Hi again! I really like playing with rhinestones lately. so pretty, so simple. My this week nails also very simple. Just the flower plant hanging on my nails and its red. I also combined the color of white and red. Its bold but feminine. Actually I am kinda bored to do cute nail design cause im feelin edgy lately. I want a design that show the maturity, the edginess. So I choose this. Anyway it match my red Chanel vintage flapbag. My favorite designer on earth. Their line are ba-na-nas!
It is so easy though if you want to try this design. Just as usual, stick the rhinestones on your well polished nail with clear polish and seal it off using top coat and it will lasts for two weeks. Yeah two weeks. Actually it depends on your top coat brand. If you have a really good quality top coat, it will last longer. Mine using Revlon top coat. It has two function. As base coat and top coat. double trouble. Perfect for travelling. 
I haven't replaced it with other brand because I am comfortable with the result. I am not kind of person that like to replace a product or jumping into another brand easily. When I feel comfortable with a brand, I usually stick with it. Except for nail color. Since every brand has various and different color, so I tend to try so many brands. From the cheaper one till the expensive one. But for personal care, I tend to stick with it when I feel comfortable.
Anyway, here are some pictures of my nails. Hope you enjoy it and try it for this fall season. Earthy and Edgy. 
Pretty, isn't it?

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