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Friday, October 25, 2013

Ripped Nails (Halloween Nails)

Halloween is around the corner. Have you guys pick what is gonna be your costume? So, if you run out of ideas and is in the budget, maybe you can try this nail art FX. The ripped nails and make your friends gasp when they see your nails. Here i am gonna show you the tutorial and how its done. I made this on my friend's nails because he is also learning about the make up FX. Here we go..

So, first you gonna need a fake nails to make a real effect because you will shape it randomly and make it looks like ripped. And if you got a really shiny fake nails, you need to buff them and file them a little bit so, yeah nail file is necessary. The third would be the nail clipper to rip your fake nails and last bu not least double tape.

The picture above is how you done it.
1. Cut your fake nails a bit short. Try to customize it and make it as close as possible with your nail sizes.
2. Make random shape. Like whatever that looks ripped. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to be messy or fail.
3. Stick the double tape on the back of your fake nails. If it already comes with a glue or tape, it would be okay, you're not gonna need an additional double tape. I prefer the tape than glue because its gonna be easier to removed. and it wont break your nails. It takes forever to removed the excess glue, i'm tellin you.
4. Just simply stick them onto your nails!

Here are the pictures about how you paint it and make it really ripped.
1. Get your hands ready.
2. Grab your eyeliner or kohl, a small make up brush or lip brush, and a red lipstick. Here I am using Claresta Lipstick in Red Maroon/907. for the eyeliner I am using the Maybelline Liner in Black.
3. Don't forget to file your shiny fake nails before you start painting them.
4. Paint it as you like. Well, if you want to make a deeper wound, that will need a darker color like black and blend it with red. Add some red too around the edge of your nails. and you're done!

Never forget to seal your design with top coat!
Ta Da!! You're done! I am sure that your friends are gonna freak out.

Well, here are some shoots of my friends look for the Halloween.


Thank you to Rio for letting me do your Halloween nails! and also helping me in this post. See you guys on other post. ^^ 
Happy Halloween!


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