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Friday, November 15, 2013

Red Velvet Nails (Flocking Powder)

Velvet is a fabric materials that is very unique, soft and warm. And for this fall season, I made a red velvet nails. It is very unique and different and the texture is so funny. It's also called the flocking powder.
Its actually made of tiny fiber. You can get this velvet on cosmetics store or at the mall. For sure, you can get it at nail saloon. They sell this pretty cheap. I got mine Rp 20.000,- for a small cup. And on ebay its about $1.58. But its enough for 3-5 times manicure, also it comes with so many colors. You can mix and match them too. 
Well, I am going to show you guys how I made my velvet nails. 

Start of with base coat.
Paint one coat of nail color. Try to pick an almost similar color to the velvet that you are going to use. Here I am using Revlon Nail Enamel in Vixen. The color is a bit like oxblood.
1. Apply the second coat of your nail color.
2. Get your tweezers and pick an amount of the flocking powder/velvet.
3. Drop them onto your wet nails. You need to do it quick cause when the nail polish is getting dry, the fiber wont stick onto your nails perfectly.
Press down gently using your fingers. Until all the products stick perfectly.
Leave it for 3-5 minutes and you can brush the excess of the fiber off using make up brush.

P.S : A tips from me, don't forget to place a big paper under your work, so you can re-use the powder/velvet and less mess of course. ^^ Good luck on trying it! XO.

~ Glamoflage

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