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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Nails (Snowman Christmas Nails)

Ho. Ho. Ho.
How's everyone doing? 
Christmas is in few days and I am super excited. I am super busy preparing everything including dressing my nails up. And I am going to show you girls how I made this Christmas design on my friends nails. Its actually my lecture hands. She is super awesome and she has such a pretty nails. She asked me to draw something on her nails and since we're close to christmas, I drew her this. 
Let's see how I made it. Shall we?

1. Paint your nails two coats of red polish.
2. Start to draw a single line for a snowflakes.
3. Make a cross.
4. Add another line on top of the cross, done! Also start making a snowman body using your white polish.
5. Add the snowman head. I am using the nail dotting tools to make all this. 
6. Give a black hat for the snowman. Draw it using nail brushes. I also add some snow.
7. Last but not least. Give a finish touch by adding the eyes and scarf. Use your imagination and everything is gonna be pretty!
Here are some picture of the snowman christmas nails. 

Special Thanks to my teacher, Ezra for being a part of my holiday post.
Happy Christmas and have a great holiday!! XOXO.
~ Glamoflage

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