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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pink Bow Nails

Hello again! Its december, and i am feeling excited. Welcoming this month with Pink! 
Since I make this post on wednesday, so today's post is about pink. Because we wear Pink on Wednesday, that is the rule. Okay, so for this early december, I decided to make pink bow nail arts because I am in the pink mood lately. duh, pink is not a mood. but whatevs. :D
Here are the steps of making the bow and make your nails glam with the touch of glitter. 

1. Paint your nails light pink or peach. Here  I am using peach nude color by oriflame. 
2. Give a layer of glitter. I chose the silver glitter to add festive.
3. Make four dots using nail dotting tools to start the bow. Use it as a guidelines.
5. Add another dot in the middle and start connecting it.
*I realize that the step 4 and 5 are switched. :p
4. Fill in the triangle.
6. Add a beautiful pink shiny rhinestones in the middle and you're done!

I hope you guys have a festive holiday ahead. xoxo!

~ Glamoflage

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