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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

White and Gold Winter Nails

It's Holiday Season! A year has almost passed. Mid December and the weather is chill. So I think this is the perfect mani for the week. White and Gold winter nails. 
I wanted to make it sparkly and festive since the Christmas is in a few days ahead, so I add some dash of gold for the design. It is actually perfect if you are looking for Christmas Nails.
Here I am using elf nail polish in white-beige color. It's not too whitey but slightly beige. It actually has almost the same tone color with gold and give the warmth feeling when you see it. 

Paint two coats of beige color nail polish.
1. Grab your gold nail polish and a toothpick. Start drawing cross on your nails.
2. Draw another cross on the previous cross. So it has star or snowflakes shape.
3. You can add another mini gold snowflakes on other area.
4. Draw some gold snowflakes on your other nails in different sizes.

Last but not least, get your chunky gold glitter and add some sparkle on your snowflakes!
Here I am using chunky gold glitter by elf. It's available on e.l.f everyday use nail polish set.
Here the closer look of the final design.

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!
~ Glamoflage

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