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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lights Nails (New Year's Nails)


Hello #2014 !
In this early year, I want to share you guys my latest nail designs, the lights nails. It simply polka-dots, but all you have to do is add some sparkle, maybe I might also named it disco lights nails. Since I got plenty party invitations lately and it kinda inspires me. 
All you need are some bright polishes and nail dotting tools. Lets go to how I did it.

1. Paint your nails two coat of black polish. I use black lingerie by Revlon
2. Add some random sizes white dots.
3. Add blue polka dots on white polka.
4. Its time for the purple one!
5. Add another pink polka. Use the white one as the base for brighter color since I use black as the base. Just to make the color pop.
6. Add some small white dots.
7. Finish with purple glitter polish. and DONE!

I suddenly remember this design might match the "lights" by ellie goulding. One of my favorite songs. ^^ 
Lookin back to my 2013, I am so grateful for what I achieved so far. and I would like to thank all my fans and followers for being there and support me all the time and to all my awesome friends, I always love you all. I am excited to write blank page of 2014, I wonder what happen next. Stay Glam!

~ Glamoflage

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