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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Owl Nails

Owl goes hoot!
Hey there.. Been weeks since I post my last nail design. I had great time enjoying my holiday also give my nails some time to rest. I need to let my nails breath for a week or two considering that my nail never looked naked. So, Here I am again doing the owl nails. 
Actually the inspiration comes from my assistant. It was cold and I was sitting in my office. I wore the knitted sweater with the Owl on it. Then I asked him what nail design I should make for next post and He answered quickly. Owl!
I was like.. Brilliant! That's great and lets do this.

1. First up is paint your nails plain white.
2. Get your make up sponge to make the ombre looks. Add some green color on the sponge.
3. Dab it onto your nails. Until you get the color that you want. 
4. Its gonna look like greenish ombre nails. so fresh.
It gives you the illusion of green grass.

5. Get your brown polish. Make a circle as the body for the owl.
6. Using toothpick, add the small ears and also the eyes using nail dotting tools. Don't forget to add the triangle for the nose too.
7. Add the wings using black polish on the side of the owl body's.
8. Finish the eyes part. dot a black polish to make the eye popped. (Actually I remake the owl since the first one is ugly, so the picture 8 and 9 is kinda different :p)
9. Give your owl finish look by adding illusion of fur. by dotting some black polish on the body. 
I also add the small feet and a wood branch and connected the branch with the other nails. 
10. For the other nails, I also add some smaller branches with the leaves. Your scenery nail designs is done. Just make sure its all connected.
how cute is that! 

I hope the Owl can made your day during these cold days. Stay Warm.
~ Glamoflage

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